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Fabrications is a one-stop shopping experience.

We provide a wide range of in stock fabrics and use top quality materials to create beautifully coordinated collections. We have a large selection and can provide several design options, and custom labor – if needed.

Because we want to make sure you select the perfect fabric for your home, we are always happy to cut you samples of our in-stock fabrics. We also offer an approval plan –you can take the entire bolt home to drape over your sofa or chair. And you are also welcome to take our fabric books, drapery panels and pillows on approval.

To make sure you get the right draperies for your windows, we offer both ready-made and custom draperies. Our ready-made selections include silk, faux silk, linen and embroidered linens. Custom draperies are made specifically for your window. Come in and see just how affordable custom windows treatments can be. They can often be less than the better quality ready-mades

Outdoor Fabrics


In addition to the fabrics we offer in stock, we also have large selection of fabrics that we keep available for special orders.

We have a large design library filled with endless options of special order designer fabrics. And you don’t have to select on your own! Our design consultants work with you to ensure that you find the perfect piece for your home project.

Looking to re-upholstery your chairs? At FABRICations we offer unique design pieces that work well for any style. Several of our special order fabric lines arrive as quickly as 3-5 business days. We also have an exclusive line of designer special order fabrics that are priced at in stock bolt pricing. So, special order doesn’t mean specialty pricing.

Our collection of special order fabrics come in a wide selection of designs, patterns and colors. Call or visit us today to learn more.

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